Software system for the management of galvanic lines

Full control of the plant

Automatic management of all components of the galvanic plant

The software system for the management of the galvanic lines made by Elettroplast allows to:

• Manage in automatic the activity of all the devices that made up the galvanic line such as: hoist robots, transfers, rectifiers, thermal regulators, dosing system, electro valves, drying machines, etc.
• Control the productive process on the galvanic line, simply looking at the main panel and moving the mouse on the graphic elements that represent the components of the line on the main window (photo 1)
• Modify the production parameters using the proper panels that the graphic interface place at the operator disposal
• Chose between two separate type of automatic production: high productivity (single recipe) high flexibility (multi-process)

Main features

  • Manage the semi-automatic move of the hoist robot also during the normal production
  • Set and modify the working cycles (sequence of the treatments and working parameters) and make corrections on this in real time for the single lot already in production and for the ones to be produced (photo 2)
  • Track the data of the products to process charging these into the software using the following systems:
    1.    Manual charge of the data through dedicated panel (photo 3)
    2.    Automatic charge of the data of the products and of the production program using bar codes
    3.    Charging of the daily production program with a direct communication between the company general ERP system and the software for the management of the galvanic line
  • Optimization of the quality of the production with the optimization of the charging sequence
  • Automatic management of the archive.
  • Automatic management of the reintegration of the chemical products into the tanks based on the amper per hour or based on the number of the lots treated
  • Automatic management of the water reintegration into the washings based on the number of the lots treated
  • Analyze and modify the production plane (photo 6)
  • Track the maintenance activities and make a plan of the programmed maintenance
  • Print the production report with the main process’ parameters (photo 7 and 8)
  • Visualization of the alarms in real time and archive of the alarms (photo 9 and 10)
  • Sent e-mail with the report of the daily, weekly and monthly production,
  • Re-mote control and online assistance

Automation hardware

Hardware components

The hardware structure of the automatization system include:

• Static group of continuity for stabilized feeding of the PC and PLC
• PLC with input and output boards both digital and analogic
• Workstation on witch is installed the database and the supervision of the line

The PLC is installed inside the main control panel of the line. The PC and the monitor are placed in the control console placed near the position of charge and discharge of the line. All the devices that are often used are placed and centralized near the control console to minimize the need of move of the operator.