Elettroplast s.r.l. collabora con l'Università degli Studi di Milano

6 November 2013

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6 November 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Elettroplast s.r.l. collabora con l’Università degli Studi di Milano

Elettroplast has several collaboration with various Italian Research Institute and partecipate together with this Institute to these projects of Research and Development.. At the moment we are collaborating with Distam ( Department of Science of the Technologies for Food and Micro-Biology in the Agricultural University of Milan) on a project called “Metalbiorec” , financed by  MIUR ( Ministry for Instruction, University, Research ) together with the Lomabardia Region. The project is finalized  to study and  test an innovative purification system , based on the use of micro-organisms, for the treatment of theindustrial water contaminated by heavy metals, such as nichel, copper and chrome.

The positive result of the project will lead to the development of a revolutionary syustem for the treatment of the Galvanic Waste Water tank to:

Reduction of the use of chemcial products toxic for the man and dangerous for the environment, that are now heavily used in the traditional WWTT (Waste Water Treatment Technologies)

Possibility to re-use the waste water into the production process

Possibilità to recover the metal capturated by the micro-organisms

Elettroplast is the leader of this project together with 2 other companies and at the end of the research will provide the industrialization of the project.



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